Lies that Pinterest Told Me

Just because it's pinned, it doesn't make it real.

Glow in the dark nails, Pt. 2

So, I have posted each blog post so far onto Pinterest… someone repinned my post and said “Glow in the dark nails! I want to try this!” Won’t they be amused when they actually click the link and get directed to “Lies that interest told me.”


Glow in the dark nails

The text of this pin reads, “Break a glow stick in clear put in clear nail polish…..soo doing this”

One of my first memories of painting my nails involves nail polish I had gotten for my birthday.  It was green, glittery, and wonderful.  However, due to my inexperience with nail polish, it all turned into a goopy mess that wouldn’t dry because I used too much nail polish!  I’m picturing that this would be a very similar situation.  I can see where it might sound like a good idea- “Hey I can get a glowstick for $1 and clear nail polish for $1… and look glow in the dark nails! I will be the life of the party!”  Let’s look at this bright idea a bit closer… nail polish can take a long time to dry if you don’t do thin coats and buy the “speed dry” polish… but lets just increase the drying time to never by adding in something to nail polish that probably won’t mix well and by the way, will stop glowing before the nail polish starts chipping (if it were to ever dry).  And that’s if you manage to avoid the skin irritation from probably getting the glow stick contents all over and possible nausea and vomiting, oh yeah, and the cuts from the glass that’s inside the glow stick. (You know how you have to break glow sticks to get them to start glowing?  You’re actually breaking a small vial of glass thats on the inside so that the chemical is released to combine with the other chemical to produce the glow… just in case you didn’t know.)

I’m also a little confused by something else… when you click this pin you get a link to only an image.  Why did someone look at this picture and automatically think- “OHHH! BRILLIANT! I WILL MIX GLOW STICK AND NAIL POLISH!” instead of wondering, “Hey, wonder where I can buy some of that nail polish?” So, to protect yourself from this Pinterest lie,  just go buy yourself some glow-in-the-dark polish for $0.99… just a glowing suggestion for you.

Fill a balloon without helium

This one is a a half-truth… yes, you can fill a balloon without helium. Now, I think (correct me if I’m wrong), that it is common knowledge that you can fill a balloon without helium… using those things we like to call lungs. Also, some people on hot summer days have been known to fill balloons with water.  I suppose you could probably fill balloons with other things too, but I know that’s not what you are thinking.  You saw this:

Examples of pin text:

  • Fill balloon without helium
  • How to fill a floating balloon without using helium!

Problem: Some people have it right… you can inflate a balloon with this method of mixing baking soda and vinegar together.  This works because the bubbling “volcano” reaction creates carbon dioxide.  However unfortunately, carbon dioxide is not a lighter gas than the air we breath, so it can’t float.  So for those of you that repinned this with the comment along the lines of “Wow! Now I don’t have to rent a helium tank for parties!”… Well, you were wrong.  Sorry- nice idea for a science project with kids, but as far as using it for that ubiquitous floating party decoration that both boys and grown men enjoy sucking helium out of to make their voice sound like Mickey Mouse, it’s just not going to work.  This one’s sunk.

Mirrored floor

Text of pin: Lay a mirror down, take a hammer to it, pour polyurethane over? Amazing bathroom floor

Problem: Where do I begin? Did none of the people who pinned this realize that this is just shards of mirror laid all over a hallway?  Well yes, it may be pretty, let us take a moment to consider the fact that walking over this floor as-is is a feat that even the most experienced of coal walkers might shudder at.  So if you would like to do this to your bathroom floor, go ahead, just keep a good supply of bandaids and bacitracin ointment handy and you’ll probably be fine.  Ohhh… but you were planning on pouring polyurethane over it to seal it?  I see.  FYI- this is polyurethane (link to Home Depot).  You’re right- you can use it on floors… unfortunately it does not have magical powers of making glass shards safe and comfortable to walk on.  I hate to shatter your Pinterest dreams, but this was a lie.

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