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Mirrored floor

Text of pin: Lay a mirror down, take a hammer to it, pour polyurethane over? Amazing bathroom floor

Problem: Where do I begin? Did none of the people who pinned this realize that this is just shards of mirror laid all over a hallway?  Well yes, it may be pretty, let us take a moment to consider the fact that walking over this floor as-is is a feat that even the most experienced of coal walkers might shudder at.  So if you would like to do this to your bathroom floor, go ahead, just keep a good supply of bandaids and bacitracin ointment handy and you’ll probably be fine.  Ohhh… but you were planning on pouring polyurethane over it to seal it?  I see.  FYI- this is polyurethane (link to Home Depot).  You’re right- you can use it on floors… unfortunately it does not have magical powers of making glass shards safe and comfortable to walk on.  I hate to shatter your Pinterest dreams, but this was a lie.


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